Tom Malin

Realtor & Apartment Locator

Born and reared in Dallas, Malin is a performer and entrepreneur by nature, he is passionate about working with and helping people reach new levels of success.

A fourth generation Pallasite, he knows Dallas the city well. He has enjoyed highly successful careers as an actor/singer and in sales, management and training. Malin thrives on introducing exquisite, exclusive and creative things to his clientele.

While living in New York, he received a Master of Arts degree in Theatre and Performing Arts from New York University. A member of the Screen Actors Guild, he appeared in countless theatrical/film/television productions that include: “Law and Order,” “Sex and the City,” “Guiding Light,” “Spin City.” I moved to Hollywood and secured a role on “Passions.”

Malin served his city and community well and was appointed by two mayors/city councils and served as the Vice-Chair of the Dallas Citizens Police Review Board, working closely with the city secretary and city manager on a council-appointed, city-wide committee, overseeing citizen complaints.

Understanding the art of people management is tantamount. Imagine a sign around everyone’s neck that says, “Make me feel special.”