Marty Watson


I made Austin my home in 1995. I have watched in amazement as the city grew to become the crazy, wonderful, “weird” place it now is.

I spent 15 years working in telecommunications. My time was divided almost equally between Retail, Corporate, and National Retail sales and high level Corporate/Government support. My goal was to learn as much as possible about the company so I would know how to help both internal and external customers most effectively. All were great experiences. (I helped set up the secret service detail phones for then Governor Bush’s first run in 1998)

In 2008, I took the skills I had developed and utilized them in the Austin real estate market.

• My experience in data analysis made it easy for me to become an expert in property evaluation. (100+ evals per year) Keeps my eye on the direction of the Austin market and hones my negotiation skills.

• I developed first-time home buyer literature and seminars. Love helping everyone buy & sell, but there is something magical about simplifying the process for those first time buyers. It can be a scary process without a guide.

• In order to be more well-rounded, I learned about Apartment Locating. This allowed me to help everyone looking for a home in Austin. Plus, I get to build customers for life!

• In 2015, my writing skills, along with my Apartment Locating and sales skills helped establish one of the first locally produced Apartment magazines in Austin. You can check them out at (aptly named for the self-proclaimed Capital of Weird that Austin has become)

I live my life as a work in progress. I take every opportunity to learn and develop my skills. Having worked in that industry for 15 years, technology always seems to play a part, even if I am not seeking it out. Come to me with your real estate questions, if you are looking for an apartment, if you want to advertise in a great local publication, or if you just have great ideas and ambitions you want to share.