Dedicated Realtors know the ins and outs of area neighborhoods. As a buyer, you can also do extensive research on a neighborhood you are considering purchasing in. So how do you get started? The Internet offers a multitude of options to help you find the perfect fit for you. Dash Realty recommends looking into the following categories:

Demographics: Information on racial diversity, income, age and relationship status can help give you an idea on who your neighbors will be. Home Fair is a great resource to help you find demographic data.

Schools: The quality of nearby schools is important whether you have kids or not. Neighborhood Scout is an excellent resources but you will also want to find the local school district’s website for more detailed information.

Transportation: Do you use public transportation? Do you like to be able to walk to restaurants or shops? Do you frequently bike? Google Maps and Walk Score are excellent resources to evaluate transportation options and see what all is in the area.

Crime: Realtors cannot legally offer opinions as to crime in a neighborhood. Thankfully, you have the ability to do the research on your own. Information on area sex offenders can be found using the National Sex Offender Public Website. Crime Reports. is another place to find other crime statistics.

Climate and Weather: If you are moving to a new area or state and climate is important to you, The Weather Channel can help you find the preferred climate. You can research pollen counts, annual rainfall, humidity and other weather patterns.

Thanks to the Internet, you can discover a plethora of details about a neighborhood in a short amount of time. Home purchasing is a big decision; the more factors you can be educated on will help lead to making a great purchasing decision.