Home inspections can throw a curve ball during negotiations and have the power to send buyers and sellers back to the negotiation table. A pre-listing inspection can give control back to the seller and speed up the entire home selling process. For this reason, many Realtors are recommending a pre-listing home inspection. Some of the many benefits include:

Identifying major problems: Major problems can derail a sale at the closing table. Knowing any major issues beforehand and having the option to fix them is a huge benefit for the seller.

Assists in deciding asking price: Having a pre-inspection done can help sellers adjust the asking price if they either do the repairs or decide not to do them. If the inspection comes back clean, the seller can ask for a higher price.

Ensures a smoother, efficient transaction: Any issues discovered, whether taken care of ahead of time or not can be disclosed to potential buyers. This disclosure can often halt long, entangled negotiations and will avoid surprises for the buyer.

Helps to make the seller more trustworthy: Buyers will often feel more confident knowing they are working with sellers who have done their due diligence and are not trying to hide anything.

Saves the seller money: Buyers can often over-estimate the cost of repairs and have more say as to who will complete the repairs. Sellers can save by doing the work ahead of time with a contractor of choice. The inspection may cost a few hundred dollars but it could save the seller thousands.

A pre-listing inspection offers many benefits to the seller, especially if he/she is in a hurry to sell the home. Getting ahead of any potential issues will reduce the likelihood that a deal will fall through.