People have been flocking to Texas in recent years and there’s no sign of the migration trend slowing down anytime soon. People love living in Texas, which has led to a consistently strong and stable Texas Real Estate market.

So why do people love living in Texas? Many factors contribute to Texas being the number one destination for state-to-state movers.

First, Texas has a booming economy and strong job market. In July, the unemployment rate for Texas was 4.6% and 3.2% in Austin, TX. The potential for good earnings, affordability and no state income tax make the cost of living low relative to income.

Texas is home to 6 of the largest 20 cities in the country. It has a supportive business climate for both small and large businesses alike while also taking precedence in the tech start up scene.

Sunshine and warm weather are abundant in Texas. The winters are mild and the state is environmentally sound. Great outdoor recreation is plentiful and it’s not unheard of to see shorts and flip-flops in January.

Texas is a great place to raise a family while also having plenty of activities and nightlife for singles. All ages and stages of life will have a long list of fun things to do.

From mouth-watering BBQ to chips and queso galore, Texas has amazing food. If you love food trucks you’ll be in heaven, especially in Austin.

Texas is truly a wonderful place to call home. If you are considering relocating, Dash Realty in Pflugerville, TX would love to help you find your next home and transition to this great state.