Although the summer heat is almost over, the fall real estate market can still sizzle. Many couples become empty nesters and others are eager to buy before the Holiday season arrives. As the temperature cools, people become more relaxed and start looking forward to their favorite fall activities. If you have decided to put your home on the market this fall, utilize these 5 tips to emphasize fall comfort:

  1. Create a fall curb appeal: Marigolds, pansies and chrysanthemums are popular fall flowers. You can also accent the outdoors with pumpkins or squash. Make sure to rake up leaves promptly and patch up any brown spots in the lawn. Clean the gutters and pressure wash the siding. Curb appeal is the most important step to a great first impression!
  2. Be prepared when you need to use heat. If you use a fireplace, make sure it’s cleaned out and ready to go. In addition, have your HVAC system checked out before you need to turn on the heat.
  3. Set the mood with scents and edibles. Simmer hot apple cider on the stove, bake pumpkin bread in the oven, offer snickerdoodle cookies or put out a bowl of seasonal fruit.
  4. Lights, lights and more lights. As the days become shorter, the importance of bringing in light increases. Turn on all house lights including closets and bathrooms. Bonus tip: the light from a TV does not count, you can leave that one off.
  5. Use fall accent colors. Add red, orange or yellow pillows to the couch or create a fall-themed centerpiece for the table. Display a vase of fall foliage or add pops of deep red or orange accents. Don’t go overboard here, less can be more.

Homebuyers are more likely to stay longer during showings in a warm and cozy atmosphere. As the summer comes to an end, these simple tips can go a long way to spruce up the fall atmosphere.