Apartment locating is very popular in the Austin area and for good reason; more than 100 people move here every single day! Searching for the perfect apartment can be a part-time job. So how can a real estate agent help? Apartment locators are licensed real estate agents and they can take the leg work out of your apartment search. The best part? It won’t cost you a penny!

Why should you use a real estate agent? Here are 7 of the top reasons:

  1. Resources. Real estate agents have access to information the public cannot see. They can conduct searches with your specific criteria and narrow down the best possible options. Need a specific school district? Want hardwood floors? Desire to live in a certain zip code? They can do a search in seconds that might take you hours.
  2. Connections. Real estate agents have the inside scoop on which apartments are offering specials. They are often emailed with specials available that aren’t advertised elsewhere. Agents often develop relationships with managers of communities and can find you the best deals around town.
  3. Community Knowledge. Real estate agents know the reputation of communities. They know who takes good care of tenants and they know who doesn’t.
  4. City Experts. Real estate agents know the area well, an especially crucial factor in Austin. They can help you know commute times, characteristics of certain parts of town, popular areas and more.
  5. Time. Real estate agents can save you an immense amount of time. They will do all the searching for you, make the phone calls and handle the scheduling of tours.
  6. Savings on application fees. If you have a broken lease, eviction, or criminal history on your background, real estate agents know which communities will work with you and which ones will not. Don’t waste money on application fees!
  7. It’s Free! Real estate agents are paid a commission from the community out of their advertising budget. The commission will not affect your rental rate, that scenario would be illegal here in Texas.

Apartment locating is a win-win-win situation for tenants, communities/landlords and real estate agents. The real question is…why NOT use a real estate agent to find your next apartment home?