Your first home purchase is a big decision and milestone in life. Dash Realty in Pflugerville, TX is committed to assisting you prepare as you embark on the exciting home-buying journey.

Consider these ten steps when preparing for your first purchase:

1) Create a pros/cons list associated with owning a home. Consider buying only when you are highly confident in the decision.

2) Know how much you can afford. Figure out your personal budget with consideration of all home ownership costs. The mortgage is only one piece of the puzzle; factor in taxes, insurance and maintenance costs in addition to the down payment and closing costs.

3) Get pre-qualified by a trusted mortgage company. Know your finances and line up all necessary documents. Keep in mind there are many financing options regardless of credit score.

4) Talk to a lender in-depth about the pre-approval process and programs available through state and grant bonds.

5) When pre-qualified, compare the monetary amount with your personal budget. Choose the lower of the two numbers.

6) Set expectations and create a wish list. Separate the list into deal-breakers and what is preferred but not an absolute necessity.

7) Hire a real estate agent who is knowledgeable in the local market, understands any concerns you have and walks you through every facet of the buying process. He/she should empower you to make an educated decision.

8) Make sure you like and trust your agent. A good agent will ask many questions and put your interests above his/her own. Hire a buyer’s agent who will put your needs above the seller’s interests.

9) Be realistic and patient when touring homes. Staying within the pre-determined budget is more important than finding a dream home with all of your “wants.” Keep in mind your first home most likely will not be your last home.

10) Consider the resale value. The average homeowner stays in a purchased home for approximately 7-11 years.

Many steps are involved when buying your first home. In-depth preparation from the beginning ensures a smoother process. Dash Realty has a high level of experience representing first-time buyers and we look forward to helping you from start to finish. When escrow closes and you are handed the keys to your first home, that feeling will never be forgotten.